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Pegasus ERP Diamond Module
The Diamond Jewelry Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Assembling & Studding, Diamond Catalog Management, Bar Code Labeling, Loose Stones Management, Diamond Consignment Management are some of the features offered by this module.

The software streamlines the flow of information guiding users through the essential functions required to operate their business more accurately and profitably. Eliminating repetitive data entry, PGMS reduces the chance of error, minimizing effort and maximizing productivity.

The main features are: -

❖ Multiple Stones: The software supports upto 10 different types of stones details and particulars for every single diamond    jewelry item entailing in precise and accurate item definition.

❖ Picture Album: It allows to save the full color images of inventory items. The images can be captured from video devices,    digital cameras and scanners, or even existing image files you already have. The pictures & images of jewelry items can    be exhibited on screen enabling clients to make quick decisions and saving precious time.

❖ Loose Stone Inventory: Detailed Loose Stone Inventory is fully integrated in the system. The system keeps separate    counts of tag based items and loose stones location wise of both own stock and consignment stock. Accurate and detailed    stock reports based on location, own stock and consignment stock are provided.

❖ Watches & Gift Items: PGMS supports sales, inventory & bar code labeling of brand name watches and gift items.

Automatic Calculations: The cost and selling price of each item can be calculated by the system using parameters that you specify or manually entered.

Multi Currency: It fully supports multi-currency environment.

❖ Diamond Appraisal Certificates: Full color Image as well as detailed information is printed on the appraisal certificates by    the system. Manually change any of the information on the appraisal before printing. It uses plain paper or pre printed    certificate paper.

❖ PGMS provides the interface to print bar code labels for jewelry, watches & gift items. Printing bar-codes for your inventory    is easy with just one click. The bar-code tag information is filled out automatically from the inventory information.
   Bar-code scanning allows for quick and easy inventory checking. Missing or lost items can be quickly identified. Bar-code    scanning also speeds up over the counter sales process and eliminates data entry errors at check out. It conforms to    standards set by local authorities for label tags.

❖ The PGMS single retail screen fully emulates a virtual point of sale entailing in Gold/Diamond Jewelry Sales, Sales Return,    Acceptance of Old Gold, Cash, Multiple Credit Cards, Online Invoicing etc. Use a bar-code scanner to create invoices    quickly, simply scan the merchandise and the invoice item information is filled out.


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