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Pegasus ERP Gold Module
It provides Retail, Wholesale, Bullion Trading, Manufacturing, Gold Refinery, Internal Branch Transfers, Global Stock Management, Business Consolidation meeting your statutory and regulatory financial consolidation and reporting requirements entailing in smoothest, most timely financial close possible.

The PGMS Enterprise gives complete visibility into your finances and control over transactions, while increasing efficiency of your operations and reducing overall cost. It closes your books faster and allows to make better decisions on real-time data. The PGMS sets high standards of consistency, usability and efficiency.

The main features are: -

❖Single Retail Screen: All retail counter functions are available in one single screen (Gold/Diamond Jewelry Sales, Sales    Return, Acceptance of Old Gold, Cash, Multiple Credit Cards, Online Invoicing etc). All data is captured for analysis, and    inventory is updated in real time.

❖Accounts: Multi level Tree Structured Chart of Accounts, drill down or drill through facility, COA creation wizard, Invoicing,    accounts receivable, payable, customer statements, aging reports, are just some of the many features.

❖Automatic Calculations: The cost and selling price of each item can be calculated by the system using parameters that    you specify or manually entered.

❖Multi Currency: It fully supports multi-currency environment.

❖Business Consolidation: The software provides a single centralized view of operational and financial performance data. It    consolidates data in real time from general ledger and charts of account tables saving days of intensive efforts from    financial closing & reporting process. Offers clear, transparent financial statements and reports including P&L, cash flows    and balance sheets.

❖Reporting & Analysis: The system provides consistent, timely, and accurate reports from both financial and operational    perspective. It identifies trends, opportunities and weaknesses through rich analytic analysis reports. Provides consistent    view of financial position and offers drill-downs required for more specific information and analysis.

❖Physical Stock Checking: The PGMS provides an interface so user could verify the physical stock against the software    inventory and produce the variance report. The user could also edit the stock the correct any anomalies.

❖Deleted Documents Log: PGMS keeps a log of deleted documents for auditing and helping the management keep track of    all the documents created on the system, creation & deletion time stamp, user name & location.


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