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Now-a-days, all the financial institutions are offering similar Point Of Service functions through their electronic service delivery networks. This situation has created new challenges for the institutions in maintaining competitive advantage and sustaining the market share. These challenges are being mitigated by improving the quality of service and gaining the customer�s loyalty. The high availability of services based on �Any Time, Any Where and Any How� business strategy is the key success factor. Monitoring the status of all the Point Of Service terminals, quick analysis of problem causing the service unavailable and swift action to bring the service back to normal are vital functions in deploying this strategy. The Enterprise Performance Monitoring (EPM) solution helps the institutions in achieving the objectives.

The Enterprise Performance Monitor (EPM) is a comprehensive software solution for real time monitoring and managing your service delivery network, POS terminals and infrastructure. The EPM proactively identifies shortcomings with your POS network so necessary corrective measures are taken which entails in reducing the terminal downtime and ensuring the high availability of services which lead to the client's satisfaction, confidence and loyalty.

The solution is designed and developed based on emerging techniques and technologies to facilitate the institution in investing in a solution that has low cost of ownership and longer pay back period. From a single operational viewing panel the user can monitor the performance of all the POS devices, the transactions analysis, usage patterns, exceptions with alerts and Early Fraud Detection (EFD) warnings. The software provides online and historical operational and Executive Management reports to give you deep insight to POS usage trends, business intelligence analysis of transactions and response time, card usage, EFD etc.

One of the major advantages of EPM over other monitoring solutions is that it doesn't access the institution�s POS or card management servers or the card holder database. This design ensures that the institution does not need to modify its legacy systems and does not compromise with its existing environment and security infrastructure. Using enterprise-class tools & latest technologies, EPM identifies its managed objects on the network and configure them into its environment to perform its functions.

The Early Fraud Detection (EFD) is a major value added risk management feature of EPM to proactively detecting and alerting on potential fraudulant cases based on the institution�s configured policies (parameters). Based on institution�s defined rules, the solution automatically analyzes the processing transactions for potential fraud detection and generates alerts to authorize personnel through email or SMS.

The EPM frame work is also used to monitor Mobile Banking transactions, Online Banking transactions and ATM / BNA networks.


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