Gold Module
Diamond Module
Bullion Module
Refining / Manufacturing Module
Accounting Module
Consolidation Module
Pegasus ERP Gold Management System
The Challenges faced by Gold/Diamond Industry today are wide and varied. It is a fact that the quest for growth is interminable. The ability of an organization to strategize and respond promptly to the increasing customer demands becomes vital in attaining the Numero Uno position in the industry. A shrinking budget also adds to the vows, to meet the ever-growing challenges. This thrust for superior competitiveness; increased efficiency and improved budgetary control are forcing companies to rethink the whole business process. A well thought over amalgamation of business processes with information technology could help in overcoming the complexities of your business.

A total enterprise solution for your business could provide an array of benefits like flexibility, smooth workflow, increased productivity, and expenses control. Above all; timely, relevant and strategic information makes it worth to take important decisions ahead of competition. A centralized control and easy access to business activities of the branches makes it easy to monitor the whole business process with just a click of a button..

Using innovative interfaces and methodologies, Comsoft has developed Pegasus ERP Gold Management System (PGMS) software of the highest standards, which is specifically designed to fully manage every aspect of your Gold/Diamond business.
It provides the following modules: -

1- Gold Module
    ❖ Sales
    ❖ Purchase
    ❖ Inventory
2- Diamond Module
    ❖ Sales
    ❖ Purchase
    ❖ Inventory
    ❖ Bar Code Solution
3- Bullion Module

4- Refining / Manufacturing Module

5- Accounts Management
    ❖ HR / Payroll
    ❖ Budgeting
    ❖ Asset Management
6- Consolidation Module


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