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Enterprise Performance Monitor for ATM Terminals
The complexity of today's ATM transaction environments makes it difficult to monitor individual transactions and address any issues in real time. Analyzing thousands of possible transaction scenarios featuring high throughput of multiple payment systems is a tedious process costing time and resources.

The Enterprise Performance Monitor (EPM) is a comprehensive software solution for real time monitoring and managing your ATM terminals and infrastructure. The EPM proactively identifies issues with your ATMs so necessary corrective measures are taken which entails in reducing downtime and increasing client's satisfaction.

From a single operational view the user can monitor the performance of ATM devices, the transactions analysis, usage patterns, health exceptions with alerts and Early Fraud Detection (EFD). It also monitors the UAE Switch & other Payment Systems performance for them-on-us transactions. The software provides online and historical reports to give you deep insight to ATM usage trends, business intelligence analysis of transactions, response time, cash management, ATM statuses and availability etc.

The Cash Management Module reports the cash counters for every cassette including amount of cash in each cassette, cash dispensed, remaining cash and cash rejected. As EPM is monitoring notes low & notes out ATM statuses, it sends the alerts by email or SMS for timely replenishment and avoiding down time. The 5 days transaction comparison, Top Ten ATMs, Cash Dispensed from each cassette and other reports are provided.

The Alerts Module captures & reports all ATM statuses and generates necessary alerts depending on device status & error severity. For hardware alerts it also includes diagnostic data of M-Status & M-Data for service engineers.

One of the major advantages of EPM over other monitoring solutions is that it doesn't access ATM Switch, card holder database or installs any agent on ATM. This will ensure that the Bank's ATM Infrastructure security will not be intruded by EPM. The EPM can easily monitor a heterogeneous environment where ATMs from different vendors are deployed.

The EPM frame work is also used for monitoring POS networks, Mobile Banking and Core Banking transactions.


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