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Pegasus Debt Collection Manager
The Pegasus Debt Collection Manager (PDCM) assists organizations to manage every aspect of their Debt Collection business operations. Its main modules are Setup, Collection, CRM & Agent Performance, Administration and MIS Reports.

The main features are:
    • Importing debtor data information provided by Banks or other Organizations in Excel format into PDCM.

    • Manages Personal Loan, Auto Loan, Credit Card and B2B debtor data.

    • Automatically assigns debtor accounts to available agents for follow up & recovery.

    • Maintains detailed call logs of agent activities and provides the information needed to perform effectively.

    • The Supervisory Queue provides complete insight to Debt Collection process.

    • Generates predefined alerts when agents have not contacted the debtors or performed required follow ups.

    • The PDCM Dashboard provides the Management with complete insight about the performance of collection

       operations and status of agent's progress.

    • Generates dozens of MIS and other reports to streamline the operations.


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