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Pegasus Item Processing System
The legacy cheque clearing system is tedious and time consuming which requires cheques to be processed, sorted and physically transported to the paying banks. The US Congress passed the bill legalizing the use of electronic check images as a legal equivalent of actual check items, it provided the impetus to financial institutions for introducing check truncation or image based item processing.

The Pegasus Item Processing System is a software solution specifically designed for financial industry to implement cheque truncation throughout the organization. The software solution can be implemented across the enterprise or individual branches. It can create electronic journal files and provide MICR verification.

The mean features are:
    • Provides complete solution for electronic cheque clearing.

    • Processes Outward & Inward Clearing, Outward & Inward Unpaid items.

    • Providing detailed MIS & other drilled down reports.

    • Creates EJ files with or without cheque images.

    • MICR & Amount verification.

    • Supports multiple types of cheque scanners.

    • Provides operational efficiency, tighter integration of front & back office and assists in fraud detection.


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