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Financial consolidation can be a slow and error prone process that drains organisational resources and delays vital decisions. The problems are formidable - consolidating financial data from diverse locations and across multiple general ledgers and performing untangling outmoded spreadsheet based data collection processes. Financial consolidation can meet this challenge by streamlining data collection and integration from multiple sources, making the monthly closing faster and more efficient while turning disparate data into useful, business critical information.

The MIS reports that used to take days to generate are now available within minutes, and users can see any detail they want within moments of requesting it. The executives in corporate and across all business units have a unified, consistent view of consolidated financial position and can do the drill-downs they want for more specific information and analysis.

The key benefits and features are:-

• Provides a single, centralized view of operational and financial data.

Consolidates data in real-time from multiple sources of financial data input and chart-of-accounts tables -- creating a single    COA structure.

• Provides clear transparency into corporate transactions at all levels.

• It facilitates better decision making by providing real time access to a single version of financial and operational data.

• Provides consistent, timely, and accurate reports from both a financial and operational perspective.

• Shaves days and weeks from the financial closing process.

• Provides clear, transparent financial statements and reporting including P&L, Cash Flows, and Balance Sheets.

• Identifies trends, opportunities and weaknesses through rich analytical analysis reports.


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