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The PBMS ERP Project Module covers a very dynamic project management flow for contracting and manufacturing organization under a single window. The BOQ analysis help making decision of project viability and draw profitability based on booked estimated cost and billing amount before submitting quoted price to customer. The module provides integrated environment with other Module i.e. Purchase, Inventory & Accounts and make project management flow much easier and faster.

Project cost booking procedure in application entail raising invoice and book profitability based on Expenses and Revenue incurred. Various MIS reports indicate process of project, discrepancy between estimated and actual profitability, daily issued material, rerun material which altogether help getting project finish within deadlines and provide grip over business monitoring process which is core factor in Contracting business.

The main features are:-

• Create Sales Enquiry received from customer with business requirements.

• BOQ is next document which can be created based on Enquiry or without Enquiry. Confirm BOQ will be available to next    document i.e. Job Order.

• Job Order is beginning of project with starting and end date and all process revolves within Job circle for centralized control    over activities.

• Automated project alerts before due dates to all concerned.

• The Project control process offers Automated Delivery Note and Material Issuance for projects which entails project cost    calculations and financial insight.

• Job Costing is booked through accounting vouchers and assists in setting billing price to Customer.

• Automated Invoices could be raised to customer who book revenue figure in GL.


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