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It's imperative for a successful business operation to maintain tight control on goods and services your company receives. PBMS ERP gives you the power to take complete control of purchase order processing, from the moment you decide to buy through the time the purchase is fully received and invoiced. It helps you to specify and confirm every aspect of orders you place with your vendors-every step of the way.

The shortages and incorrect invoices are detected by software so you only pay for the items you've received, and you pay for those items only once. You can specify, confirm, and track every detail of an order you place with a vendor. You'll be able to return goods to vendors and change existing purchase orders. You can also enter multiple receipts of goods and invoices for each line item until the order is filled.

The software streamlines the flow of information guiding users through the essential functions required to operate their business more accurately and profitably. Eliminating repetitive data entry, PBMS reduces the chance of error, minimizing effort and maximizing productivity.

Having all information available within seconds allows your organization to communicate more effectively and provide better customer services. The software delivers the reports you need to make informed decisions on a moment's notice. It allows you to focus on important business issues instead of worrying about your orders & inventory.

The main features are:

• User friendly Interface

• Manages interdepartment inquiry requests and Inventory control process before submitting inquiry to suppliers.

• Providea comprehensive Supplier quotationa tracking for confirmed and non confirmed quotations.

• Import and Local Purchase Order handling.

• Records purchase invoices and store all details of posted invoices.

• Transaction Batching makes it easy to enter, print and post large volumes of transactions at your convenience.

• Minimize data entry almost 70 percent through process integration.

• Item-wise percentage analysis of purchase.

• Pending bill report against Goods Receipt notes.

• Reports to track purchases/orders/goods not received, etc.

• Purchase orders can be edited, printed, and reprinted at any time.

• Purchase Analysis.

• Numerous inventory reports and sales charts to analyze inventory performance and help forecast future ordering.


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