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Pegasus ERP Accounts Management System
The complete integration of cargo operations with accounts provides total visibility into your finances and control over transactions, while increasing efficiency of your operations and reducing overall cost. It helps to close your books faster and make better decisions on real-time data.

The MIS reports that used to take days to generate are now available within minutes, and users can see any detail they want within moments of requesting it. The executives in corporate and across all business units have a unified, consistent view of consolidated financial position and can do the drill-downs they want for more specific information and analysis.

Dozens of standard management reports are provided and every report can be sent by fax or e-mail, just as easily as it can be printed. On-line inquiries enable easy and quick access to pertinent financial and transaction data. The system includes a wide range of user defined search criteria, thereby allowing user to see financial information.

The PBMS Accounts Module is supplemented by HR/Payroll, Asset Management and Budgeting Control Modules. The main features of this module are:

• It supports financial and business processes that can be tailored to fit any business requirements.

• It facilitates better decision making by providing real time access to a single version of financial and operational data.

• It is a unified solution that addresses all facets of business from a single application.

• It provides complete auditibility during financial closing to ensure transparency and accountability.

• Delivers value quickly through low TCO & fast ROI.

• Supports multi-currency facilities. All the complexities of calculating and accounting for exchange rate differences are    handled automatically by the system.

• It's a scalable solution. You can start small, adding users and modules at a pace that suits your business plans and your    budget.


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