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Pegasus ERP Inventory Module
This module provides insightful data pertaining to the receipt of goods, the movement of goods within or between locations, the sale, removal or other disposition of goods, and the precise valuation and status of goods remaining in inventory at any point in time. Fully integrated with General Ledger module, Inventory Management is the cornerstone of an effective distribution or manufacturing solution.

It handles stocked inventory items at multiple sites. Item information includes: unit of measure conversions, valuation method (FIFO, LIFO, Weighted Average, or Standard Cost), G/L accounts and vendor information. Detailed transaction and periodic summary information is tracked by item and site to allow analysis of inventory sales and purchasing trends for efficient inventory management.

The main features are:

• Supports multi site inventory.

• Warehouse management allows the storage capacity of any site to be managed with tracking of items in each location and    transfer of items to other sites.

• Transaction information is tracked for an item including: transaction date, cost, price, quantity, serial #, customer, vendor    and transaction source document.

• A real-time graph makes it easy to see trends in your item sales activity in terms of quantity, sales, and gross profit.

• Detailed Description facility.

• Facility for item description/item rate change on bills.

• Batch-wise Inventory control.

• Provision for adjustment of stock.

• Inter-branch transfer of stock.

• Zooming data for product-wise inventory.

• Ageing analysis of stock in hand.

• Closing stock valuation using Rated/Weighted/FIFO methods.

• Stock movement register.


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