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Pegasus Warehouse & Logistics Management
The Pegasus Warehouse & Logistics Management is a robust and scalable module. It is a comprehensive warehouse management system with all the functionality needed to support 3PL and Consolidated Consignment handling and storage in the Warehouse. The automated storage calculation for both type of consignments assists the user in providing accurate and real time information to clients.

The WMS integration with PDA devices offers superior control for hi-volume logistics & distribution operations including TPL and facilitates supply chain management by automation of delivery to receiving flow.

It allows the clients to schedule deliveries in advance through web access. The consignment breaking and regrouping are available while the packing list and commercial invoice are provided for compliance with Free Zone policies..

The Web access to authorized clients will enable them to monitor and manage their warehouse cargo inventory, space utilization, D.O scheduling etc.

Multiple MIS and Operations reports are also provided to ensure fast paced customer growth support with ease of administration.

It helps the operations by highlighting the best available space fit for a particular consignment thus optimizing the best usage of warehouse space. This module can be deployed independently or linked with AF, SF or other freight modules (the incoming consignment could be stored in warehouse before consolidation, breakdown, delivery or re-export). No more guessing what's in the warehouse. Now you'll be able to see what's in the warehouse and where it's located.


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