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Pegasus ERP Flight Cargo With Auto Load Plan Option
Today freight forwarders need to quickly dispatch to the point of delivery in order to facilitate their supply chain management and the airlines that can meet these challenges are the airlines that will be called upon to move cargo. While selecting an Aircraft for Cargo Loading, system prepares automated Load Plan according to capacity of cargo by prioritizing AWB and sending automated cargo loading email alerts to all Shippers. The system has removed hurdle of communication between Operation and WMS staff while receiving cargo into Warehouse which was one of the main challenges in the trade. After completing automated plan the system locks all AWB and only authorized user could unlock them for editing or other purposes.

The software provides the functionality to produce Flight departure report with all necessary details i.e. Flight departure time, total cargo loaded into Aircraft, type of Equipment used by ground handling staff etc.

The main features of this module are:
    • Real Time cargo status information.

    • Built-in "Fax & Email Feature" allows your customers to receive arrival notices.

    • Tracking/Tracing Information via the Internet, as an option, benefits you and your customers.

    • Gross profitability report; flight wise / consignment wise.

    • Invoicing of whole flight.

    • Auto generated Load Plan to get the maximum utilization of the space available on the aircraft.

    • Easy Handling Of Split Shipments.

    • Accounting Management Reports.

    • Cargo Management Reports.

    • Menu driven and User Friendly Pop-up Search Windows.

    • Security Profiles by user and department to restrict access to sensitive information.


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