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Pegasus ERP Accounts Management System
The complete integration of cargo operations with accounts provides total visibility into your finances and control over transactions, while increasing efficiency of your operations and reducing overall cost. It helps to close your books faster and make better decisions on real-time data.

The transactions are tracked not just by account and client codes based on financial reporting practices, but also to the job card for analyzing the true profitability of transactions.

Dozens of standard management reports are provided and every report can be sent by fax or e-mail, just as easily as it can be printed. On-line inquiries enable easy and quick access to pertinent accounting and operational file related data. The full history of revenue and expenses related to each file are easily available through Job Costing. The Pegasus Financial Module provides Department wise profitability and analysis reports to measure the performance of each organizational entity.

Advance financial reports such as DTR, Audit Trail provide complete insight to daily activities performed by account's team. The Daily Collection report covers collection details based on receipt vouchers created for various Receivable invoices which ensures timely revenue collection. The Interactive Data Extraction report is used to transfer financial information to other systems of group company for management's review and informed decisions.

Instant Processing in PCMS ensures obtaining Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss, Trial Balance and all other reports on real-time basis without any batch processing. Multi-currency accounting ensures accounting of various customers and suppliers accounts in their own preferred currency.

The PCMS allows defining of customized templates as per user needs for reports like Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, MIS, Accounts Receivable Ageing, Accounts Payable Ageing and Ledger reports. This tool can be used to generate numerous formats for the same report to address the various levels of organization's data needs.

The PCMS allows authorized clients to access their statement of account online for managing and reconciling their accounts.

The PCMS Accounting Module is supplemented by HR/Payroll, Asset Management and Budgeting Control Modules. All Modules are fully integrated with Accounts to provide centralized control and easy to use access to all your financial data including General Ledger, Receivables & Payables, Budgetary Control and Financial Reporting.


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