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Pegasus ERP Transport Management Module
The Transport Management Module supports consolidated and individual Trip management. The supervisory documentation leads to generate Tracking reports i.e. Multipoint Movement, Flat Movement, Trip Shifting, Truck Movement etc and provides complete control over Fleet movement and other resources. From initial Lead Tracking, creating Load Orders, generating Truck Way Bills, Trip Reports, Driver Settlements and posting into accounting module, PCMS tracks every aspect of your business. From the time you book a load, right through until it's delivered, our software will put you in control of Load information, Dispatching, Invoicing, and Equipment Maintenance all in one powerful, accurate and reliable package. Pegasus TMS integration with Inventory and Repair & Maintenance Module covers operational and garage activities under single platform with clear roles defined for users of each department. Various MIS reports including Vehicle Profitability provides indepth analysis to improve efficiency for a stronger bottom line.

The PCMS provides the most cost effective implementation of GPS/GIS technologies for tracking your vehicles. This solution uses commonly available components costing only a fraction of what other vendors are charging. Using Satellite technology the navigation device is able to pin point the location of vehicles with accuracy of 25 feet. The latitude/longitude coordinates are sent to PCMS application. The vehicles starting and destination points are also plotted on the terrestrial or satellite maps. As it traverses the road, the location coordinates are generated at a predefined intervals which assists PCMS to track the vehicle and maintains its location history. The application also provides the approximate time of arrival based on distance to be covered.

Fleet Maintenance

The Fleet Maintenance Module gives the operational edge by providing you the tools needed to reduce vehicles downtime and control maintenance costs. It effortlessly handles numerous preventative maintenance schedules for your fleet vehicles and Tyre usage using its serial number. Detect early signs of equipment and vehicle fatigue, tracks fuel consumption and repair histories to help pinpoint and prevent potential problems.

Inventory Module

This module compliments the Fleet Maintenance operations to track all inventory parts used in preventive maintenance services, inspections and repairs to automatically adjust parts inventory quantity on hand. It's integrated with Work Orders for automatic deduction of parts used during any maintenance job.

It has built in complete purchase order system with re-order notifications, stock management and parts usage on the fleet. The PCMS ERP delivers the reports you need to make informed decisions on a moment's notice.


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