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Pegasus ERP Packing & Move
Information is pivotal for managing your Packing & Move jobs efficiently. The incoming inquiries from both regular customers and individuals can be recorded by PCMS ERP. You can record details of every Pack & Move job whether it requires Air, Sea or Land movement. In this manner, you can integrate your logistics functions for the visibility you need to cost-effectively plan, arrange and track all the moves.

The Software also assists in targeting prospective accounts by recording detailed marketing information. Hence its integration with the CRM module of PCMS not only manages customer interactions but minimizes the manual effort in data capture and processing.

All the documents such as Quotation, Job Card, Truck Way Bill, Master Airway Bill, House Airway Bill, Master Bill of Lading, House Bill of Lading, Driver's Agreement and Delivery Order are used to control the system. With these documents in hand, Packing and Move module ensures that every job is controlled and progressed according to your business rule. Reports are also provided to ensure fast paced customer growth support with ease of administration.


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